Yeah yeah first string onto open this motherfucker (hop)
Yeah (hop)
This be your boy x-con (x-con) (hop)
Got my nigga jt money in this bitch (jt money)
Hop 16x
Show em’ how we do it at the crib
God damn right lets make this niggaz hot dawg
Get off player bout boy style ya herd me
Yo x-con lets ride nigga

I’ve done hoped on the lick
Got this busta ass nigga
Wanna hop on the brick (mmm)
And i’ve been strictly bout my bread
Took the money beat that nigga down
And hoped on his head
I be hoping at the big party
Looking at me big ballin’
Hoping out of big body
Ya bitch know i roll hard
Cause she hoped on my knob
And swolled it slurped and slobed
I keep my pants saigon
And ever since a nigga hit it rich
Bitches hoped on the ban wagon (damn)
I got gangsta twist
Get guns in case i hop into some gangsta shit
Nigga, i ain’t scared at all
That’s way i hoped on hollow points
Just to tell my chall (hahaha)
And this bullshit has to stop
I told you, if i shoot your ass you hop

Girl, i like the way you make those titties pop
Turn around baby, shake it non stop
Youza a hop mutt don’t drop your clot
Beat nigga down in the parking lot
Hop (16x)
Beat a nigga down in the parking lot

(jt money)
Yo, i lay sucker boys hot homes
Like they were sonya
Bring those things on the wheel
Put them on ya
If you wanna get out of line and violate
Suckers are fake and hate i annihilate
The game is dirty
Thought those boys would mess
Hoping on on your block
With those toys and shit
You see us rollin’ on dubs
See us rollin’ on scrubs
I would blowing on boys
And tearing up ya club
Oh we don’t give a what?
See you know what it is
Suckers shaking and faking
I gotta handle this bitch
Money manges with x-con
Rollin with x-con
Suckers get flexed on
And gas like x-on
Real in the field
All about the dollar bill
You don’t wanna hop
But my gap say you will
Draw down with the still
Bust shots at your feet
How you dancing in the street? nigga
Hop to the beat


See i’ve done copped the 380
Now i hoped on the chopper
Hop on your brain if you come around her trying to short stop me
Hop on the plane cause i had a couple shortest pain
Things going to change now i’d done hoped in the game
How bout my bens? you know the one with the t.v’s and shit
A lot of haters hoped around throwing up cause they sick
Hoping around the same way they be hoped on my dick
Why you acting like dog? i don’t even want you bitch
Hop up if you want wanna watch your head get stitch
And even much worst you found dead in the ditch
When i’m in the club gotta hop to the bar to get me some lick
Those hoes hate it when im’ on the hard they know how i get
My eyes be all red from smoking matrix
Those highjros got me hoping on those 20 inch sticks
The feds, they done got me from all those birds i copped
But they done lost the evidence
It be long tell i hop


Don’t stop get it, turn around
Bounce it up and down hop with it
Money for sex, i’m not wit it
I’ve been got those hoes (yeah)
Everywhere i go i hop out limos
Nigga, smoking optima
If i ain’t hopin up n down in your pussy bitch you got to go (get out)
I put my feet on the gas
Cause if i hop out this car i’m going to put my foot in your ass
I’m a baller now, no more penny pigeons
Hoped out of project houses into a mini mansion (damn)
I got money, i cant stop and chill
Hop to dinner said copped the grill (ding)
Every other day i got to hopped on some kicks
And its like everyday i got to hop on me a bitch
That’s tight and it just don’t stop
I’m sittin on dubs when i go to the club and hop

Chorus (3x)

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