Well, I walked out this evening
Stood out in front of my house
To see the daylight leaving
My eyes pointed south.

I felt like I was dreaming,
I'd never seen the sky so red
Gave me the strangest feeling
And a voice inside me said,

All my life I've been chasing setting suns
See me running up the hill when the evening comes
They get further away the faster I run
I'm getting old and tired of chasing setting suns.

I walked down to the ocean,
Sat on the cold hard stones,
Saw the seabirds fishing and the sunlight glistening
Down on my English home.

Thought back to all the things I've seen,
The people I know and the places I've been,
The city skylines and the fields of green
It's a wonder I've made it home.

[Chorus x2]

I'm getting old and tired of chasing setting suns.

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