You see, I want the world to believe
That there's a light inside of me,
But it's time that I come clean.
I'm not what I seem, no.
Some would say I'm possessed, yeah,
But I'll confess I've just been obsessed
With life and death and emptiness, I guess.
Can't you see all of the change in me?

You took these starving limbs, tried to see.
Tried to see what they could be,
But I thought I'd be something.
I thought you'd complete me,
That you'd erase all the pain that I felt in my brain.
If you filled my heart with love,
Then you'd fill my voids above.
Now you see, that didn't change a thing.

What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?

I'm empty. I'm empty.
I'm empty. I'm empty.

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