Yeah the lady and me both agree somedays we just don't get along
But the whiskey and me both agree maybe we're both just better off
Well my preacher believes I don't need all of these demons hangin' on
But we both know if they don't, I'll get lonely, need a few to tag along

Hanging here by a thread
Hear your voice inside my head

I lay beside you every night and dread the day you might be gone
She said "In case you hadn't noticed that
Played second fiddle to the bottle for a little too long (no)
And I ain't about to anymore"

Now the wagon I'm in's paper thin
I think one wheel's coming off
Hey Sister Sin with that grin, where you been?
So kind of you to help me off


[Bridge x2:]
Fall from grace, kingdom come
Lying face down in the mud
Please don't hate, Lord don't judge
For I know not just what I've done

Lying face down in the mud
For I know not just what I've done
For I know not just what I've done

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